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A trusted local gym in Rochdale

Want to work out with a range of free weights and specialised equipment? Come to Full Contact Performance Centre. We are a premier local gym for health and fitness enthusiasts in Lancashire and the surrounding areas. 

State-of-the-art equipment for fitness training 

Our gym really is a one of a kind training facility, designed to meet the demands of the modern day fitness enthusiast and only the best, most functional equipment gets the Full Contact seal of approval from our team of strength and conditioning experts.

You will find that our state-of-the-art cardio area boasts everything you would expect, with treadmills, bikes, cross trainers as well as specialist equipment that our team have selected to make your training experience both fun and challenging.
Our strength training area is furnished with top-of-the-range free weights, plate loaded machines, and sectorised machines so your workout variety has been never-ending.
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Staying ahead of the curve in fitness programmes 

Our conditioning room really sets us apart from other gyms with a four-lane sprint track and conditioning equipment that our coaches have selected through years of travelling to experience some of the world’s best gyms, and bringing that experience back to Rochdale, where we constantly try to stay ahead of the curve by assessing and updating our equipment year upon year.

After training, our members can expect immaculate changing facilities as well as the relaxing use of our sauna.
We are proud that we maintain the highest levels of presentation and customer service within our amazing gym, and our staff and coaches are always on hand to help out our members with any advice they may need on their fitness journey.
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"Started coming here 3 weeks ago as part of the W2W programme and I love it. 
As a new member, I find that staff and members are very genuinely welcoming and friendly. There is no 'atmosphere.' 
I've tried a couple of extra classes and have been welcomed despite being a total newbie.
Staff and coaches excel in their knowledge and constant encouragement. Members of FCPC are very lucky to have such a dedicated coaching team under one roof."

"Excellent coaching and top facilities to match."

"My kids have grown as people through the world-class coaching and exemplary facilities that have been available to them over the past 6 years at FCPCThe coaches, Derk and Si have brought my kids through the judo ranks and amongst the other staff this place is just like home."
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