Marine Fit


Class times: Tue  1830 – 1930, Wed 1930 – 2030, Fri 1800 – 1900, Sat 0930 – 1030

Our Marine Fit programme has been expertly developed by Martin and Andy as a complete training package taking you from absolute beginner all the way through to an advanced level of fitness over a period of 6 months. The course is designed to mimic the various stages of training that elite Royal Marines go through to earn their coveted Green Beret.

Martin and Andy have put together their combined experience as both Royal Marines Commandos and Physical Training Instructors to come up with a programme that is unique, motivating and emphasizes team work.
The Marine Fit programme consists of 3 Levels, each level lasting 8 weeks (24 weeks or 6 months combined). The programme is structured in a military manner to provide a challenging environment for everyone and our instructors’ enthusiasm cannot be matched

MarineFit level 1: “Fitness Foundations”

Class times: Tue 1830 – 1930, Wed 1930 – 2030, Fri 1800 – 1900
MarineFit “Fitness Foundations” runs all year round 3 times per week and is the pre-requisite to attending the level 2 or 3 course. All levels of fitness are welcome to “Fitness Foundations” class and no previous training is required at all.“Fitness Foundations” is structured around Military style Circuit training to improve levels of cardio vascular fitness, muscular endurance and core stability.Our imaginative circuits are as much fun for the members to take part in as they are for our instructors to run. Our versatility and unique training methods ensure our members work hard whilst enjoying themselves, producing great results!For those that enjoy the MarineFit “Fitness Foundations” classes they can stay on and do as many classes for as long as they want, however those wishing to up their game and move up to MarineFit level 2 must complete at least 12 “Fitness Foundations” classes prior to moving up.

MarineFit level 2: “Basic Training”

!Taster classes availible! Times Wed 2100 – 2200 & Sat Mor 0930 – 1030 !Must Book In Advance!
The level 2 course begins with a fitness assessment and goal setting session tailored for each individual. An intermediate level of fitness is required for the Level 2 course.The course is a step up from level 1 and as such the exercises become more advanced utilising functional training methods such as TRX, Powerbags, Monkey bars and ropes. Our aim on the Level 2 course is to improve strength endurance and introduce some anaerobic training so that by the end of the course you can see some amazing results!!We use a combination of functional circuits, conditioning drills and team challenges that simply cannot be replicated!!The course ends with a fitness assessment and certification to ensure all members of the course have achieved their targets that we set on day 1. A course T-shirt is made available, usually incorporating a slogan or event that has been a source of morale throughout the course. A DVD is also produced for you to look back on the amazing training you have undertaken, and by the time you’ve reached this point you will be proud to watch it!!!

MarineFit level 3: “Combat Ready”

Next Course Start date TBA
We start off with a fitness assessment and a “Skills” session teaching you various techniques that you will use throughout the course such as Rope climbing, Tyre flips and Sled pulls as well as showing you how to negotiate the various obstacles on our Indoor Assault course!You will spend the next 8 weeks training at a high level of intensity taking your Strength and Conditioning to extreme levels and giving you the heart and lungs of a professional athlete!From climbing ropes to stretcher races, you will not find a training programme this challenging and enjoyable anywhere, period.
At the end of the course you will have earned the right to wear your “I am MarineFit” T-shirt, and can take your DVD home, proudly showing all and sundry the training you have undertaken.MarineFit Elite ClubNext Course Start Date TBA For those who wish to really test themselves physically and mentally, and have their names erected on our MarineFit Elite Club board for all to see, why not attempt the MarineFit Elite Club tests?
The Elite Club tests are 3 tests conducted over a 2 day period.
Day 1

  • 2 Mile hill sprint; to be completed in less than 13 minutes, carrying our MarineFit logs! This is to test your anaerobic capacity.
  • Assault Course; after a few hours rest we meet back at the FCPC facility and attempt the assault course, you must achieve 1 rope climb and a full lap of our on-site Assault course in less than 4 minutes. This tests your upper body strength to its extreme.

Day 2

  • The 10 Miler; this is the final test and is conducted as a team, cross country in under 2hrs 30minutes carrying a backpack containing food, water and emergency clothing. The 10 Miler tests both your cardio vascular endurance and your strength of mind. The 10 Miler will push you to your limits and ensure you are fully deserving of joining the MarineFit Elite Club!!!!!!