Kids' Martial Arts

Kids’ martial arts classes in Rochdale

Let your kids learn the art of self-defence and other martial arts techniques. Enrol them in the kids’ martial art classes at Full Contact Performance Centre. Contact us for details if you are based in Lancashire.

About our kids' martial arts programmes

At Full Contact Performance Centre, we are extremely proud of our kids’ martial arts programmes. We put emphasis on teaching our kids the life skills that will serve them well as they grow alongside theirmartial artsskills, so that they soon become not just better martial artists, but better people!
Please check out the pages for each of our kids’ martial arts classes, timetable and pricing

"I have been in a lot of gyms over the years and no other facility even comes close to this one. I was impressed as soon as I walked into the gym 3 years ago and have been training there ever since. The coaching is at a very high level and I have done the Muay Thai classes and MMA, but have fallen in love with the BJJ and really feel part of a team in this gym. My two kids love the place too and have done the Muay Thai and Judo classes. If your into martial arts then this is the place to be.
Call us on
07840 379 153
to speak with one of our coaches about our kids’ martial arts classes in Rochdale, Lancashire.
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