Derrick Cullen

Derrick Cullen


  • Judo coach
  • Submission Grappling Coach

Derrick is a part owner and head Judo coach at FCPC. Derrick started training in Judo at the age of 8 and has never looked back since. He was heavily involved in the national Judo scene as a youth winning many competitions and qualifying for his Black Belt some 20 years ago. Around 8 years ago Derrick decide to widen his Martial Arts skill set and  imediatley fell in love with the sport of submission grappling, spending hour upon hour every night learning a vast array of submission techniques, holds and takedowns.

Derrick  quickly transitioned his Judo game into MMA and has adapted his own system of using Judo throws from the clinch without wearing a GI (Judo uniform). Derrick’s use of Judo in MMA is something that is very rare and extremely hard to deal with as most high level Judo players struggle to adapt to the NO-GI game of MMA which means alot of the throws and techniques Derrick uses and teaches are unknown to his opponents.

Derrick proved his system worked when he took on a very high level British Kick boxer in his first ever MMA fight and won in the first round via TKO due to strikes after landing a huge throw from the clinch.

Derrick’s teaching methods emphasize both the technical side of Judo aswell as its functional application. When teaching Submission grappling Derrick ensures that all his techniques are easy to learn, effective and up to date with modern grappling.


  • Group/team Judo training
  • Group/team Submission grappling training
  • 1 to 1 private Judo training
  • 1 to 1 private Submission grappling training
  • Pre competition/pre training mental preparation sessions to improve focus
  • Judo and Grappling specific Conditioning sessions