Dave Green

Dave Green

David Green is the Creator/operator of “POWER ATHLETE”. He is a Crossfit football Certified coach and has been involved in sports and fitness for the last 7 years.


Shortly after qualifying as a Personal trainer David began his career in a commercial gym. He soon formed his own opinions on how people should train and decided his clients were never going to achieve greatness in a room full of machines and television screens. He decided to move to his own facility, a small garage gym armed with kettlebells, Barbells, Tractor tires and sleds. His mission: to develop powerful ,fast athletes. By combining functional movements performed at high intensity and a comprehensive strength program his clients have seen some great results and his testimonials speak for themselves.


David has designed programs for and trained both professional and amateur athletes including Motor cross riders, Rugby players, MMA fighters and many other athletes. He has also trained Police officers, fire fighters and marines. He spent 6 months working with a division 1 rugby club as strength and conditioning coach where he delivered pre-season/In season training. During this time he designed and organized his own Rugby Combine event to spotlight the clubs best athletes. He is also involved with a local high school where he regularly delivers presentations on fitness and nutrition.


David specializes in Strength and conditioning for the power athlete but has worked with a wide range of people who’s fitness levels and specific goals vary. David also assists with seminars, lectures and events held at the full contact facility.


• 1 to 1 Personal Training

• Group Strength and Conditioning

• Custom program Design

• Nutritional Counseling

• Rugby Strength and Conditioning