Andy Tyson

Andy Tyson


Personal and Group trainer
MarineFit coach
Circuit training coach

After a successful career serving for 5 years in the Royal Marines, Andy now dedicates his time to his role as a full time fitness professional. Andy has been involved in sports and fitness since the age of 7, mainly through his passion for football and boxing. Andy represented Rochdale Town and Rochdale Schools of Excellence at football up until the age of 16 and then went on to play for a number of clubs at semi-professional level. Andy also reached the heights of being crowned the Royal Marines and Royal Navy Heavyweight Boxing Champion!

However, Andy’s dedication to sports coaching and fitness goes much further than his own personal endeavours. Not content with just playing sports, Andy has made it his mission to travel the country attending courses, seminars and training camps to gain extensive knowledge of strength and conditioning, sports coaching, personal training and military fitness.

Andy’s calm, positive and enthusiastic manner allows him to interact with his clients on personal level, ensuring that all of his clients achieve the results they are looking for.

Personal training;

Andy’s personal training sessions are open to anyone at any level of fitness. They are all tailored to the individual and are progressive, so that you have a clear goal to aim for throughout each stage of your training. Andy’s style of personal training varies from explosive strength training for athletes to innovative, dynamic circuit training for beginners. You can be certain of two things when you train with Andy: (1) you will enjoy his enthusiastic, cutting edge training methods; and (2) YOU WILL ACHIEVE RESULTS!

Circuit training;

Andy’s circuit training classes are innovative and effective so his clients achieve their fitness goals. Andy is heavily involved with the FCPC MarineFit programme. With his vast experience as a team member, from playing football and being a Lance Corporal in the Royal Marines on combat operations, Andy knows how to inspire and enthuse his class. With this background, you can train in the confidence that your instructor knows how to
walk the walk, as well as talk the talk!