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Adults’ martial arts classes in Rochdale

Look no further than Full Contact Performance Centre if you want to join martial arts classes in Lancashire. Whether you are a hobbyist or want to become a professional martial artist, we can help.

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Our adults’ martial arts programmes have been developed by our coaching team to ensure that all of our members have an enjoyable experience while learning new skills, developing high levels of fitness and making new friends. We ensure that all new members are welcomed into our classes to start their journey at the appropriate level for their age, ability and fitness level.
Our team supports our members’ progression towards their own personal goals, whether that is self-defence as a hobby, for fitness, to meet new people or to go all the way to becoming a professional athlete.
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About our coaching team 

Martin Stapleton
Head MMA & BJJ Coach

Martin started training in MMA in around 2004 while serving as a Royal Marines Commando and has dedicated his life to it ever since.

After turning a professional in 2007, ‘Stapes’ gained a reputation as a fight finisher early in his career and in 2008 was selected to travel to Las Vegas to compete on The Ultimate Fighter as part of the UFC’s first ever Team UK.

On returning from the USA, Stapes decided to leave the Royal Marines and pursue his passion for MMA full time, which led him to opening The Full Contact Performance Centre. 
Since then Stapes has lived and breathed every aspect of the professional fighter’s lifestyle, training twice a day under the guidance of the world renowned SBG. 

Along the way, Stapes has won 3 Professional British titles, 1 European title and in 2012 was crowned the Cage Contender International Tournament Champion after winning an 8-man tournament with three victories in one night!

Stapes hit a career highlight in November 2015 by winning the title of World Champion with one of the world’s biggest MMA organisations, BAMMA. Stapes is one of the only fighters in the world to have competed on The Ultimate Fighter, Bellator, BAMMA and Cage Warriors.

As a coach, Stapes believes in leading by example and creating a learning environment where all his students can chase their own dream and harvest their creativity:
Consistency, strong work ethic and a growth mindset are the key. I try to promote a culture in my MMA & BJJ Teams where these qualities are praised above anything else.”
martial art specialist

Derrick Cullen

Head Judo Coach & Assistant MMA Coach

Derrick is a part owner and head judo coach at FCPC. Derrick started training in judo at the age of 8 and has never looked back. He was heavily involved in the national judo scene as a youth, winning many competitions and qualifying for his black belt some 20 years ago. Around 8 years ago, Derrick decided to widen his martial arts skill set and immediately fell in love with the sport of submission grappling, spending hour upon hour every night learning a vast array of submission techniques, holds and takedowns.

Derrick quickly transitioned his judo game into MMA and has adapted his own system of using judo throws from the clinch without wearing a GI (judo uniform). Derrick’s use of judo in MMA is something that is very rare and extremely hard to deal with as most high level judo players struggle to adapt to the no-GI game of MMA, which means a lot of the throws and techniques Derrick uses and teaches are unknown to his opponents.

Derrick proved his system works when he took on a very high level British kick boxer in his first ever MMA fight and won in the first round via TKO due to strikes, after landing a huge throw from the clinch.

Derrick’s teaching methods emphasise both the technical side of judo as well as its functional applications. When teaching submission grappling, Derrick ensures that all his techniques are easy to learn, effective and up to date with modern grappling.
Derick Cullen

David Hodkinson

Head Boxing Coach
David, or ‘Oggy’ as he is known, started boxing at the age of 11 and amassed 95 fights as an amateur, winning 79 of those fights and holding various amateur titles including North West Champion, East Lancs Champion and school boy number 1. David was selected 3 times to represent England in multinational championships against Russia, Scotland and Germany,  where he fought the world amateur number 1.

At age 20, Oggy joined The Parachute Regiment and spent 5 years travelling the world on operations and representing the regiment in the Army Boxing Championships. It was at the Army Boxing Championships,  where he was noted as an exceptional talent and scouted to fight for the British Army team, which meant he could commit full time to training in the sport he loves. Oggy represented the Army team 7 times winning 6 fights against some top international opposition.

In 2012 Oggy founded the Queensway Amateur Boxing Club within FCPC and has since developed a team who have achieved success far exceeding their relatively young age. To reflect this success and dedication to the sport, Oggy was honoured in 2015 when he was selected as the North West ABA Boxing Squad Coach which subsequently led to a promotion to the England Coaching Squad in 2016!

David’s Boxing classes are a mixture of old school hard work coupled with new school training methods. With his wealth of knowledge and experience gained during his international boxing career, David structures his classes to make sure everyone develops their skill set at the same rate as they improve their fitness.
David Hodkinson

Paul Webb

Head Muay Thai Coach

Paul opened the doors to his Gym, Payanark Muay Thai, in 2009 and has been credited as being one of the few coaches to have made a huge impact in Rochdale within the Muay Thai community. In 2012 Paul came on board the FCPC team when we opened our doors and we are extremely proud to say that Paul’s Payanark brand of Muay Thai is flourishing and an integral part of the FCPC family.

Paul has over 20 years of experience in Muay Thai and started coaching at a young age developing a solid junior and adult squad at Payanark Muay Thai.
Paul Webb

"I joined FCPC as a beginner wanting to learn BJJ. The excellent coaching staff made me feel very welcome and allowed me to develop at my own pace whilst training with more experienced belt holders."
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Our martial arts classes in Lancashire are planned and offered according to the group’s stamina and fitness goals. Call us on
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